When it comes to caregivers, there are some tips that can help you to keep your loved one safe in the winter. Before getting more into these tips, it is also beneficial for you to know that seniors can do things on their own. It is just a matter of helping them to be safe when doing so. In fact, it can help their physical and mental state by allowing them to do things on their own.

Keep an Eye on Their Home Temperature

Caregiver Lowell, MI: Safety with the Elderly in the Winter

For the elderly, it is important to keep an eye on the temperature in their home. There are many risks of them becoming ill because of the cold. They may get cold quicker, too, if they have heart issues. Be sure their home is insulated properly, and their windows have been caulked. This will help with the prevention of drafts. Set their thermostat to a temperature that is comfortable for them. This will also help with the prevention of pipes freezing and from hypothermia.

Nutrition is Key
Many seniors become depressed in the winter. This may cause them to have a decline in their appetite. You should make sure they have proper nutrition all year long, but especially during the winter months. Their meals should include vegetables and fruits, along with healthy meats and lots of Vitamin D. This will help prevent them from getting sick and keep their mental state good, as well.

Dressing for the Weather
If you notice that your loved one is forgetting things or they aren’t dressing for the weather, you should help them with this. You can lay out their clothes for them, hire a home care worker to help them do this, or remind them to dress for the cold. You can hang their coat up somewhere they can easily reach it. This will help them to dress for the weather, too.

Preparation for Emergencies
In many places, winter hits hard. Your loved one may get snowstorms or even ice storms. They may get snowed in. So, they don’t try to leave their home in the bad weather, you can help keep them safe by preparing for emergencies. Make sure to stock up on their toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, and those sorts of things. Be sure to stock up on food and drinks before big storms, as well.

Check for Fire Risks
In the winter, there are often higher risks for fires. These could start from faulty electric blankets, faulty space heaters, candles, or other things like that. You should be sure to check on the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in their home and be sure they have fire extinguishers all around their home, for easy access.

Identify Fall Risks
You should also identify if there are any fall risks. During the winter, there are more fall risks because of wet boots, icy sidewalks, and other things like that. Get your loved one some slip-proof mats, slippers, and shovel their sidewalks for them, too.

You can help to keep your elderly loved one safe during the winter. By following through with these tips, they can be safe and sound all winter long.


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