In the daily life of seniors there are many moments that can be challenging. Many of the challenge daily activities are the ones that younger adults take for granted. Things like using the toilet, bathing, and dressing are difficult for many elderly adults. Fortunately, there are manufacturers who have created personal care products that make senior care easier for the providers and for the seniors themselves.

Pocket Dresser Makes Dressing Manageable

Senior Care in Cascade, MIWith the right products senior care services are less stressful because seniors are able to do a few more things on their own. When seniors are happy and independent, everyone who is around them feels their reduced stress levels. One of the most useful tools for senior care providers and seniors is the Pocket Dresser. This handheld tool contains four useful tools, two buttonhooks, and buttoner, and a zipper pick. The Pocket Dresser looks like a pocket knife; it has large triangles to get the tools out of the case and a heavy-duty canvas strap to offer more support for the user. All of the tools are made of tough, yet flexible stainless steel. The buttonhooks will help close heavy fabrics and the zipper pick can help untie shoes.

Comfortable Clothes for Senior Care Needs

In many homes where elderly adults are receiving senior care service, the seniors are already wearing clothes that are free of difficult closures. There are many manufacturers who make adaptive clothing for seniors. Seniors can have an easier time getting dressed on their own when they only have to work with Velcro. The clothes will look as nice as the ones in department stores, but they have easy closures to allow seniors to get dressed without help. Many adaptive clothes also allow seniors to remove their clothes quickly if they need to get to bathroom quickly, too. Senior care services providers might have to check that the Velcro or snaps are properly closed before guests visit. Check out Silvert’s for a catalogue full of age appropriate and special care appropriate clothing for seniors.

Dry Shampoo for Clean Hair

Another useful personal care product for seniors is a relatively new product in the world of personal care. Dry shampoo has changed many lives, by allowing people to spray dry shampoo into their hair; they no longer have to take a full shower when they just need to wash their hair. Dry shampoo is useful for seniors because they do not need to shower to get their hair clean and the product does not require rinsing. Since seniors do not need daily showers, but they often get messy hair that could be washed, this product takes a few challenging steps out of getting ready in the morning. Dry shampoo can be found in grocery stores for very low prices.

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