When it comes to senior care and autumn, it’s important that you address the prospect of allergies. During the fall and spring months, allergies tend to be at their peak, with pollen, ragweed, and other allergens flying through the air. For seniors, these allergies could pose serious health risks, so it’s important that you address them before they become a problem.

Find out about potential allergies

Senior Care in Grand Ledge, MIIf you don’t know whether your elderly loved one has any fall allergies, be sure to ask them now, before they begin to peak. They may not even know if they’re allergic to anything, depending on their lifestyle and memory. They may also have avoided allergies for a large part of their life, but people can develop allergies no matter how old they are.

Ask their doctor

If you or your loved one are unsure about potential fall allergies, be sure to ask their primary physician. Most of these possible allergies will be on file and they may be able to indicate the best way to prevent or treat allergy symptoms if they arise.

Get the appropriate medication

If there are prescription medications, such as an inhaler for asthma, or preventive pills, or ever over the counter medications that they should have on hand, make sure that they have fresh, current medications this year. Even if they didn’t use much during the previous fall season, that doesn’t mean they will have few, if any, problems this year.

Medications do expire, so check the expiry date and, if you’re not sure, dispose of it properly and acquire new medication for this season.

Go over everything with senior health care services

Make sure that the primary caregiver for your loved one knows about every possible allergy as well as the signs and symptoms to look for. You should also develop a plan together to help minimize the possibilities of having an allergic reaction. For example, if your loved one’s allergies flare up after the grass is cut, make sure that you close the windows and avoid going outside for a few hours after their lawn or even the neighbor’s lawn, has been mowed.

While fall allergies tend to be far less severe than springtime allergies, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them or be passive. Get involved and determine what to avoid and make sure that the senior care provider is prepared as well. Always keep emergency contact numbers on hand and in an easy to find location in your loved one’s home.

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