Senior Care in Grand Rapids, MI: January is Hot Tea Month – Learn More about the Benefits of Certain Kinds of Teas

Senior Care in Grand Rapids, MIJanuary is Hot Tea Month. And since hot tea is great for the elderly, here we have listed some popular tea types and their senior care benefits.

Green Tea
Green tea is famous for having loads of health benefits. And this is why medical practitioners and senior care experts often call it the ‘wonder herb’.

Drinking green tea is known to lower the risk of cancer. It also restricts the carcinogenic effects of cigarettes and other narcotics. Potent antioxidants (also known as polyphenols) in green tea help in suppressing free radicals. It also prevents the formation of certain types of tumors, and promotes heart health. And that’s not all; this tea brings down triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Other benefits include stable blood pressure, prevention of dental problems, and restricting various viruses from causing problems.

Black Tea
Black tea has a high caffeine content – about 40 mg per cup. It also contains theaflavins and arubigins, two antioxidant types that are responsible for lowering the cholesterol levels. By drinking three cups or more of black tea each day, you can bring down your stroke risk by 21%. It is recommended by many senior care providers.

Oolong Tea
This tea is quite similar to black tea, but is fermented for a shorter while. This results in a richer taste. A cup of Oolong tea contains about 30 mg caffeine. It is known to promote weight loss. With Oolong, an enzyme that dissolves triglycerides (dietary fat stored in fat cells) gets activated.

According to a study, women who consumed Oolong tea burned more calories during a period of 2 hours as compared to those who consumed plain water.

Lemon Ginger Tea
Ginger contains the active ingredient gingerol. Lemon contains the immunity-boosting compounds limonene and pectin. Lemon ginger tea combines the goodness of both and proves to be an effective defense against bacterial infections. A study showed that drinking lemon ginger tea can even fight bacteria that causes salmonella.

Rosemary Tea
In addition to being a good herb for senior care, rosemary makes highly beneficial and healthy tea. Rosemary works as a muscle relaxant and is also a good digestive aid. Regularly drinking rosemary tea can help resolve liver and gall bladder problems. It also relieves mild asthma and cough symptoms.

Peppermint Tea
You can make a soothing drink from the fragrant peppermint herb. It is a great breath freshener, promotes digestion and reduces flatulence. People suffering from gallstones and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are prescribed peppermint capsules.

Peppermint tea eases vomiting and nausea, and helps relieve motion sickness. Herpes outbreaks become milder by drinking this tea, which is why many senior care providers depend on it. Other health benefits include controlling muscular aches and pains, clearing congestion, reducing stress, and relieving mild bouts of coughing and asthma.

Avoid peppermint tea if you suffer from heartburn since it may aggravate the issue.

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