Burr; the first Artic wave of cold air is pressing down into the country from Canada right now and that means it’s time for the heaters to kick on, pull out the heavy blankets, and get a fire roaring. If you have a loved one who requires some level of senior care, it also means that you should consider their heating needs as well.

Too often we tend to move from summer into autumn without thinking much about the heating systems. You may take a moment to make sure that you have enough oil (if Senior Care in Hudsonville, MIyou have an oil burning furnace) or that you have enough firewood for burning at your home, but did you take the time to check out your elderly loved one’s heating system?

When was the last time that it was serviced? Can you remember? Do you have any records about it? If you don’t know and your loved one doesn’t remember, check the furnace itself. Usually, the last service technician will have place a sticker or tag on the furnace with their company’s contact information and sometimes the date of that service. Contact the company and find out for sure when they last inspected and cleaned the heating system. If it was last year or sometime earlier than that, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. As the cold air takes hold, though, it could take longer for them to get out and maintain the system.

Your elderly loved one may have a fireplace but they might not have the strength or balance to carry in firewood. You can set up a station where you store wood nearby, offering easy access to it. Senior care services may be able to assist with starting a fire. However, before they light that first piece of wood, make sure the chimney is inspected and cleaned.

Next, be sure that any heating vents are not blocked by furniture, especially fabrics that can heat up. If there are vents that are blocked, close them.

Lastly, you want to ensure that all smoke detectors are working. Change the batteries and then test them. Use the old batteries in other devices if they are still good, but start the winter season with fresh batteries in every smoke detector. Consider carbon monoxide detectors as well.

Winter heating is important for senior care and you want to make sure that your elderly loved one will be safe and warm this winter season.

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