Senior Care in Lowell, MI: Building Self Confidence in an Elderly Adult

A lack of self-esteem in the elderly person is more common than most people realize. Age brings a lot of changes with it, including losing some of the comforts that a person has enjoyed for many years: mobility, flexibility, good health, a career, etc. The good news is, as a caregiver in the senior care service profession, there are things you can do to help build up some self confidence in your elderly adult.

Senior Care in Lowell, MIHere are some ideas for you to try:

  1. Respond to her cheerfully even if she gives you a negative answer to your question. For example, if you ask how she’s doing today and she gives you a negative reply, compliment her on something and then ask why she feels that way. It shows you care enough to want to help.
  2. Ask her for some help or for her opinion about something. It will get her talking about something else and not feeling sorry for herself. She will feel like she is being of assistance, which gives her a sense of purpose and helps her feel better about herself.
  3. Think of something about her that you really like and ask how you can be the same as her. For example, maybe she is really good at crochet and ask her how you can learn to be that good.
  4. Let her be as independent as she can be, and compliment her on her accomplishments.
  5. Ask her questions about herself and her life. About her children, if she had any and grandchildren. This is usually a source of pride and happiness for most people and it may get her into a happy state. If she lives far away from these beloved relatives, help her get some letters ready and mail them for her.
  6. If she is regretting things from the past that cannot be changed, help her seek some peace and solace through music. Classical music especially, can bring a calming effect and help her to not get too upset by things that she is worried about.
  7. Discover something that she does well and encourage her to do it. Give her sincere compliments, and find ways for her to make a contribution with this talent. For example, maybe she is good at knitting. She could knit baby hats for the local hospital, and you could take her down there to deliver them to the hospital. It would give her a huge boost of self-esteem that she is making a contribution – she is helping someone. It makes her feel important.

If you or someone you know needs help with senior care in Lowell, MI contact the caregivers at Gauthier Family Home Care. We provide quality and affordable home care for many disabled and elderly loved ones in our community. Call us at (616) 658-2300 for more information.

About Dan Gauthier

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