Seniors and Slip and Fall Accidents

There are few things more devastating to an elderly person than when they are injured in a slip and fall accident. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2.8 million elderly adults are treated in the emergency room each year for slip and fall accidents. They also report that one in four elderly adults fall each year and having one bad fall increases the likelihood of having another. Slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries and even death.

Home Care in Kentwood MI: Slip and Fall Accidents

Home Care in Kentwood MI: Slip and Fall Accidents

Family caregivers must work hard to help their elderly loved one avoid slip and fall accidents in their home. Common causes of slip and fall accidents can be traced to either the elderly person’s physical limitations or the environment in which they live. There are many things that family members and home care aides can do to minimize the risk of a slip and fall accident taking place.

Physical Limitations and Slip and Fall Accidents.

Seniors are more likely to develop physical conditions that increase their risk of a slip and fall accident. From stiff joints and lower muscle strength to the effects of arthritis, a stroke, or other condition, an aging body is not as strong or balanced as it used to be. Also, their reflexes are not as quick, making it hard to catch themselves if they stumble.

With limited mobility and many physical issues that could affect their balance, elderly adults may simply not be able to get around as easily. This type of condition means that they can become dizzy, lose their balance, and not be able to recover after a stumble.

Environmental Conditions and Slip and Fall Accidents.

An aging adult’s environment can contribute to the higher possibility of a slip and fall accident. Most people think about spilled liquids when it comes to a dangerous slip and fall hazard, but there are many other things that can cause one. Common environmental hazards include dirt and debris, loose rugs, improper use of canes or walkers, transitioning between one type of flooring to another, doorway thresholds, clutter, and poorly fitting shoes.

Family members and home care aides should concentrate on making the elderly person’s living space as free as possible of tripping hazards. It doesn’t take long to turn a home with a lot of obstacles into one that minimizes the risk of a slip and fall.

It’s all too common for elderly people to slip and fall, but it doesn’t have to be. When family members, seniors, and home care assistants do what they can to remove obstacles, the risk of falling goes down. Likewise, when seniors are as fit and healthy as they can be, they can reduce the risk of a slip and fall due to physical limitations.

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