Getting Serious about Self-Care

If you haven’t started focusing on self-care and how that impacts you as a caregiver, you need to change your thinking on that topic. Self-care can be one of the most important and effective things that you do on your caregiving journey. Make the Conscious Decision to Take Care of You. For so many caregivers, […]

Simple Ways to Encourage More Social Activity for Your Parent

Being socially active is an essential part of maintaining health and well-being throughout life. This does not change for older adults. In fact, seniors are vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and other health challenges and issues when they do not have the opportunity to engage with others as often as they should. This can also increase […]

Great Board Games for Seniors

Games are a great way for caregivers to pass the time with seniors. They can help forge a connection and keep the senior’s mind off health problems. Games can also draw grandparents closer with grandchildren since they are multi-generational and fun for everyone. Sometimes family members feel awkward around older adults because they don’t know […]

4 Things to Remember as a Family Caregiver

Caregiver in Cascade MI When you’re running around busy all the time, it’s easy to forget some important lessons. Some of these can help you to be a more well-rounded family caregiver to your elderly loved one. You’re Going to Feel Some Scary Emotions Being a family caregiver doesn’t mean that you suddenly don’t feel […]

4 Types of Loss a Family Caregiver Can Face

Caregiver in Cascade MI The most obvious form of loss for a family caregiver occurs when an elderly loved one passes away. But long before that happens, caregivers find themselves dealing with lots of little losses along the way. Learning to mitigate those losses can help to make the process of being a caregiver much […]

Why a Caregiver in Cascade, MI Needs Care Too

Providing care to an aging individual, especially one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, can be a taxing and stressful situation for the caregiver. On average, most unpaid caregivers tend to be middle-aged women who devote an average of 20 hours per week to providing care for an elderly loved one who can […]