Severe Alzheimer’s Disease and What it Means for Your Senior

Once your elderly family member reaches the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease you’ve both already been through so much together. This stage is still painful, but it can bring with it bigger health problems to add to everything else. She May Lose the Ability to Communicate. Over time, your elderly family member’s ability to communicate […]

Elder Care Options for Seniors with Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a devastating injury with a range of symptoms that can lead to physical and mental disabilities in the elderly. More than 60 percent of all TBIs in seniors are caused by falls. Recovering from a traumatic brain injury is a long and difficult challenge because this type of injury […]

What is a Stroke?

Whether you are the family caregiver, or you rely on help from an elder care aide, it is important to know what to do if your aging loved one has a stroke. Symptoms of a stroke include facial drooping, usually on one side of the face, arm weakness, and slurred speech. If you notice any […]

Do You Know? The Proper Steps to follow in an Emergency Situation?

3 Important Steps to Take during an Elder Care Emergency in Grand Rapids, MI Whenever you have an emergency, it is important to focus on making sure that another individual is safe. When you are providing elder care for somebody, emergency situations are more likely to occur. If you panic or don’t take the proper […]

Elder Care and Driving in Grand Rapids, MI: Are You Biased when it Comes to Your Dad?

Your father has long been a hero of yours. Since the time you were little, you looked up to him with all of the awe and revere that a child generally provides to his or her parents. As you became an adult, he was there for you when you needed him, giving you emotional support, […]

Elder Care in Grand Rapids, MI: Introducing New Members of the Family to Seniors

It is always exciting to introduce a new member into your family. Whether this is a new baby that is being born or someone that is marrying into the family, welcoming a new relatives broadens your family and adds new personality and excitement. For seniors, however, new members of the family can be shocking and […]

Elder Care in Grand Rapids, MI: Explaining Alzheimer’s Disease to Children

Despite popular belief, children are extremely capable of understanding what is going on around them. They are also affected by an aging loved one developing Alzheimer’s disease, and it is extremely important that you make sure to explain this disease to them in such a way that they cannot only understand what is going on, […]