Five Items Your Mom Will Want After a Fall

Each year, 25 percent of American men and women over the age of 65 falls at least once. Preventative measures will help. You can remove clutter, fix loose flooring, and improve lighting, but it can’t prevent every fall. If your mom falls on an icy sidewalk, trips on stairs, or falls out of bed, you […]

Is There More Your Senior Could Do for a Healthier Bladder?

Keeping your aging family member’s bladder healthy can be more important than you might think. Urinary tract infections and other problems present differently in the elderly, often with confusion and irritability, which makes them something you want to avoid if at all possible. Here are a few ways to help your loved one maintain bladder […]

The Best Diet to Prevent Heart Disease

In today’s world, almost everyone knows someone who has heart disease in their family. Maybe a relative has had a heart attack, or maybe someone has experienced heart failure or other fatal conditions. It is a scary thing to think about, and the fact that heart disease is one of the leading causes of death […]

Helping Your Elderly Loved One to Quit Smoking

Elderly Care in Hudsonville MI Smoking is dangerous no matter what your age, but elderly smokers can face special health challenges. Existing conditions such as heart conditions and lung problems are exacerbated by smoking. Quitting is the best thing to do, but that can be difficult, especially if your loved one has tried to quit […]

Elderly Care Tips: The Benefits of Taking a Trip to the Playground with Your Seniors

Elderly Care in Hudsonville MI Whether you have just started offering care for your aging parents or have been engaged in their care for years, you understand the importance of physical activity in their elderly care plan. Keeping them active is essential to their physical, mental, and emotional health, and can help them live the […]

Elderly Care in Hudsonville, MI and Leaf Peeping

One of the most commonly thought of events for autumn is the change of leaves. People travel long distances to admire the fall colors as the trees turn from deep, bright green to all hues of the spectrum. Those bright reds and deep oranges that paint a backdrop against the clear blue sky can be […]