How Home Care Complements Hospice Care

November is National Home Care & Hospice Month. While the two are celebrated together, there’s actually quite a difference between them. In fact, many people find it helpful to have both services at once for older family members who are seriously ill. About Hospice Care. Hospice care is a wonderful service available to people who […]

Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month – Three Startling Facts About Alzheimer’s That You Cannot Ignore

June is a time to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s. Spend Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month learning more about Alzheimer’s disease. Here are three startling facts you may not realize. The Cost of Care is Staggering. The cost of caring for men and women with Alzheimer’s is expected to top $277 billion in 2018. If you take […]

National Cleaning Week – Shortcuts for Keeping Your Parent’s Home Clean, Healthy, and Fresh

Being a family caregiver means that you always have a long to-do list to accomplish each day and may feel as though you do not have the time to complete them all. This means that you are always looking for ways that you can streamline your efforts to make sure that they get the results […]

Soy Foods Month

Home Care in Lowell MI April is Soy Foods Month, an ideal opportunity for you to discover all of the health benefits of this simple and versatile plant and learn new ways to integrate them into your home care routine. Actually a bean, soy contains all eight of the essential amino acids. This means that […]

Home Care May Cost Less Than Family Caregivers Trying to “Do-It-Themselves”

Home Care in Lowell MI Caring for an elderly family member or loved one is something most of us face at some time in our life.  With families growing more and more distant geographically, the issue has become more challenging and complex. Most people are living longer, have better health and capability, and want to […]