What Are the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis?

As people age, it’s not uncommon for them to develop arthritis. The most common kind of arthritis is called osteoarthritis. It is the type of arthritis that occurs when the cartilage that protects the ends of bones wears down due to wear and tear. This makes movement painful and can even cause the bones to rub together. If your aging relative complains of joint pain, it’s possible they have osteoarthritis. Knowing the symptoms of the disease can help you determine if it’s time to schedule a doctor’s appointment for the older adult.

Elder Care in Comstock Park MI: Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Elder Care in Comstock Park MI: Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis Symptoms.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis can start out mild, then get worse as time goes on. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Pain during joint movement or after movement.
  • Joints may feel stiff when they haven’t been moved in a while, such as when they first get up in the morning or after sitting still for a while.
  • A tender feeling when the joint is touched.
  • An inability to move the joint through its entire range of motion.
  • Feeling like the bones are grating together during movement.
  • Bones spurs around affected joints.

How Osteoarthritis Affects Certain Body Parts.

Knowing how osteoarthritis affects specific body parts can make recognizing the disease easier. Here is how some joints are affected:

  • Feet: There may be swelling in the toes and ankles. Pain may occur in the joints of the big toe.
  • Hips: The senior may experience pain in their groin or buttocks. Osteoarthritis in the hips can also cause pain in the back of the knee or the thighs.
  • Fingers: Fingers may appear red and be swollen or tender. Pain may occur in the base of the thumb.
  • Knees: When the older adult walks, they may experience a grating or scraping feeling in the knee.

If your aging family member is complaining of pain or stiffness in their joints that does not go away, it’s best to schedule an appointment to have them evaluated. While osteoarthritis cannot be cured, there are treatments that can improve symptoms.

If your aging relative does have osteoarthritis, there are lots of things elder care can do to make their lives better and more comfortable. Elder care can remind them to take medications that alleviate pain and monitor them to ensure they take the correct amount. Elder care providers can also assist them by doing tasks that cause them pain, like vacuuming or bending and stretching to lift items. If the senior’s hands are affected, an elder care provider can help them to fasten clothing, tie shoes, and do other things that require manual dexterity.

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