What Can Elderly Care Do to Help a Senior Prepare for a Hospital Stay?

When your aging relative is scheduled to go to the hospital for medical treatment, there are steps they can take ahead of time to help them take charge of their stay and make them more comfortable. The very idea of spending time in a hospital can be unnerving for an older adult. That can make it more difficult for them to face getting ready to go. But, there are often lots of steps that need to be taken before checking in. Elderly care can assist seniors with preparations in many ways. A few of them are listed below.

Elderly Care in Kentwood MI: Preparing for a Hospital Stay

Elderly Care in Kentwood MI: Preparing for a Hospital Stay

Arrange for Pet Care.

If the senior has a dog, cat, or other pet, someone will need to take care of it while the senior is in the hospital. An elderly care provider can help the senior to contact a kennel and schedule a stay for the pet. If the pet is going to stay with a friend or relative, an elderly care provider can help the senior to pack the items the pet needs and write instructions for their care.

Pack a Bag.

Bringing along some personal items can make a hospital stay more comfortable and less boring. An elderly care provider can help them to select items to take, such as comfortable pajamas, a book or some magazines to read, and other things like:

  • Medicines in their original containers.
  • Slippers.
  • Robe.
  • Socks and underwear.
  • Clothes to wear home.
  • Personal care items, such as toothbrush and deodorant.
  • Brush or comb.
  • Cell phone and charger.


Offer Transportation.

Seniors who don’t drive may need a way to get to the hospital. An elderly care provider can drive them and help them to get checked in. In addition, an elderly care provider can come to the hospital to pick them up when it is time to go home.

Create a Medication List.

Your aging relative should bring a complete list of all the medications they are currently taken and the dosages to the hospital. This can ensure there are no mistakes made in prescribing new medications and that the senior continues to receive their current medicines.

Provide Encouragement.

Because going to the hospital can be an emotional event, your aging relative may need some support. While they may talk to friends and family members, they may not because they don’t want to worry you. An elderly care provider can be the person they talk to about their fears. Elderly care providers can listen to the older adult and reassure them that they will be taken care of while they are in the hospital and when they return home again.

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