What Can Senior Care Do for Your Senior After a Hospital Visit?

A trip to the hospital can be exhausting for your elderly family member, even after she gets back home. To help her recover, senior care services can take care of a great many details for her.

Being Alert for Issues that Could Lead to Rehospitalization

Senior Care Comstock Park, MI: What Can Senior Care Do for Your Senior After a Hospital Visit?

Rehospitalization is a big problem if your elderly family member has already spent some time in the hospital. The last thing your senior wants is to head right back into the hospital after she gets out. Staying alert for signs that she’s not healing or recovering as well as anyone would like is the key to avoiding this problem. Senior care providers can be a huge help with this task.

Assistance with Mobility
Depending on how long your senior was in the hospital, her mobility may be compromised. She might have difficulty walking, either with or without assistive devices. Having someone she knows she can lean on can make a huge difference for her in being confident with becoming stronger.

Dealing with Activities of Daily Living
There are plenty of activities of daily living that can become incredibly difficult for your senior after some time in the hospital. She can regain her strength, but getting dressed, brushing her teeth, and bathing can all take a lot of energy out of her. Some days she may even feel like she needs to pick one. With the help of senior care providers, she can do far more.

Making it to Follow-up Visits
Follow-up visits to your senior’s doctor are a big part of leaving the hospital. Your senior might not be able to get to all of these appointments on her own, especially if she’s still weak from her time in the hospital. Having someone else like home care providers doing the driving can be an immense help and you’ll know that she’s getting there safely.

Keeping Her Nutritionally Balanced
The right foods can give your elderly family member a much better chance of healing well after she gets out of the hospital. But if other daily tasks are difficult, cooking might feel impossible. Home care providers can help your senior to get the healthy meals that she needs to be eating and they can keep up with fluid intake and other important nutritional details.

Your elderly family member may find that temporary help is all that she needs. Or she might realize that senior care services can do a lot more for her, even after she’s recovered from her hospital stay.

Excerpt: Hospital visits take a lot out of your senior, especially afterward when she heads home.


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