What Clues about Physical and Mental Health Indicate Trouble for Your Senior?

Part of being a caregiver means that you’re always watching for something that might not be quite right for your elderly family member. One of the first areas for you to look at in terms of observing what’s going on with your senior is her physical and mental health. These signals could indicate that you need to dig a little deeper.

Elder Care in East Grand Rapids MI: Signs of Health Trouble

Elder Care in East Grand Rapids MI: Signs of Health Trouble

She’s Lost a Good Bit of Weight.

Weight loss can happen for a variety of different reasons. Your elderly family member may have a health issue she’s not aware of that is causing weight loss, for instance. She may also be having trouble eating foods that are nutrient-rich or she might not be eating at all. For some aging adults, cooking is just an annoyance rather than a necessity. If your elderly family member loses too much weight, she can quickly become frail.

She’s Having Trouble Keeping up with Conversations.

When you talk to your senior, is she suddenly having difficulty keeping up with what you’re talking about? This might not always be obvious, because people with hearing trouble or who are experiencing cognitive difficulties can be really good at disguising this trouble for a while. If she seems to be giving you generic responses to questions, there might be a reason for that.

Mobility Is Becoming an Issue.

Mobility issues can show up in a variety of ways. For instance, your elderly family member might have trouble getting up or sitting down easily. Or she might be tripping more often or losing her balance. On a broader scale, she may not be driving as much as she used to because of fear or because driving is too difficult.

You’re Seeing Repetitive Behaviors.

Repetitive behaviors can be soothing for lots of people, but some of those repetitive behaviors could mean that your elderly family member doesn’t realize or know that they’re happening. This could mean that your senior is having memory issues or cognitive trouble. It’s worth talking to her doctor to determine if there’s something else going on. Repetitive behaviors could mean repeating stories or questions or even behaviors, such as fidgeting or pacing.

It’s possible that what you’re seeing is only a temporary issue. Working closely with your elderly family member’s doctor can help you to narrow that down further. You may also want to consider hiring elder care providers to help your senior deal with some of these challenges.

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