Your senior’s personal routines are ones that she may have been handling on her own for a really long time. As she ages, they may not need to be as complicated as they have been and she may benefit from simplifying. 

Check Bathing Routines for Safety Issues

Senior Care Ada, MI: Senior’s Personal Routines

If taking a bath or shower is complicated or unsafe for your senior, she’s liable to start to avoid bathing completely. That’s something that you want to avoid if at all possibleTake a look at what she’s doing now and whether her bathroom is safe enough for those activities. Talk to your elderly family member about what she enjoys about bathing and what might work better for her. If there are improvements you can make, like putting a shower chair in the tub or installing handrails, make sure you do that. 

Find out if She Needs Help with Oral Care 

Dental care is something else that might be more complicated or uncomfortable for your senior than you realize. Sometimes, like bathing, dental care becomes such a problem for your senior that she might just start skipping it. But that can lead to dental problems and she might find herself in so much pain that she stops eating. Make sure your elderly family member gets into the dentist, especially if she hasn’t been in a while. From there, find out what she needs help doing. 

Simplifying Her Wardrobe Makes Getting Dressed Easier 

Getting dressed shouldn’t be something that makes your senior feel anxious or uncomfortable, but it really can by a certain point. If she’s got too many choices or her clothing is too difficult to put on, your elderly family member may find it frustrating to deal with clothing at all. Talk with her about ways you can help her to simplify her wardrobe. Changing the types of closures on her clothing can be helpful, as can finding clothes that all mix and match. That way your senior can put any combination on and feel comfortable knowing that she hasn’t has to make a big decision about clothing and she still matches. 

Having a Wind Down Routine Is Important 

If your elderly family member doesn’t already have some type of bedtime or wind down routine before bed, it’s important that she considers making a change to that. Doing so can help her to sleep a little better and gives her a chance to relax for a little bit before trying to head off to sleep. This routine shouldn’t be complicated either. It might involve activities she finds relaxing, a mug of herbal tea, and a favorite book. 

Some of these activities may be very difficult for your elderly family member to handle on her own. That’s where senior care providers can be incredibly helpful. They can assist your senior without embarrassing her, which is another great way to ensure she’s got what she needs. 


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