Caregiver stress is one of the leading causes of physical and mental illness among those providing senior care for aging loved ones. Regardless of the level of care that needs to be provided, and the nature of the relationship between caregiver and senior, being responsible for the ongoing care of an aging adult places a tremendous amount of stress and pressure on the caregiver. If you are providing home care for your aging loved one, is important that you are not only aware of the potential of caregiver stress, the prepared to manage it effectively as to prevent damage to your own health and your ability to provide adequate, compassionate care to your aging loved one.

Caregiver in Ada, MIOne of the main causes of caregiver stress is feeling as though there’s too much to do during the day and not enough time. While time management and busy schedules are an issue for people of all age groups and professions, caregivers often feel even more overwhelmed because they are balancing the responsibilities of caring for an aging loved one as well as raising their children, maintaining their marriage, taking care of the home and perhaps even keeping up with a career. If you have been feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities, consider using the Top Six Rule.

The Top Six Rule states that there are six primary things that you absolutely must do during the course of a day. Choose these six things, write them down and dedicate yourself to checking them off the list one by one. At the end of each day you should prepare your Top Six list for the next day. This does not mean that these are the only six things that you should do on any given day, but rather the six things that you are going to focus the most on. Once you have completed the six items, you can continue want to other items on your to do list. At the end of the day, evaluate your list and determine which of the items that did not be completed that day should go on your Top Six list for the next day.

By narrowing down your focus to only six critical items per day, you are releasing yourself of the pressure to do everything for everyone within your limited time span. Give yourself permission to leave a few dirty dishes in the sink one night or leave that extra load of laundry for the next day. Focus on the things that are most important, and fulfill them to the best of your ability so you can feel less stressed.

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