Gauthier Family Home Care’s top priority remains the health and safety of our Clients and Caregivers.  In light of the recent pandemic, we continue to make changes to our safety policies in order to mitigate the spread of the virus.  The following action plan is based on information available from the CDC and we are following both national and state guidelines regularly, which may cause this plan to change going forward.

For our Caregivers

We have always required employees who have any symptoms of illness (of any kind) to call in sick for their shifts. We purposely do not require healthcare provider notes to allow Caregivers to stay home and rest if need be. We firmly believe they are adults and can make the best-informed decision on their own health and will call a dr and/or make an appointment when they deem necessary.

We have recently provided masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to all employees – many of which were donated from some local and incredible companies that are teaming up in our community to help stop the spread of Covid.

Caregivers are now required to wear face masks while on a shift.  Frequent hand washing and the use of gloves remains standard practice and Caregivers are provided training in this respect with frequent reminders sent out.

Caregivers are required to check their temperature 2 hours prior to each shift to check for fevers and alert us immediately if a fever has been detected so that alternate arrangements can be made.

Caregivers are also required to answer a few health related questions at log in for their shift as an additional health screening measure.

We have asked our Caregivers to limit their activities with others outside of work and to practice social distancing and quarantine guidelines to the fullest.

We are also working hard with the staff to limit how many clients our Caregivers go to in order to limit exposure to germs of any kind and lower the risk of cross contamination if an illness does arise.

For our Clients

We are providing the above safety measures regarding Caregivers.

We have asked the families of our clients to prepare backup in case their loved one gets word of a positive Covid-19 test, as our Caregivers will not be able to quarantine with them.

At this time we are providing a Covid Discount for new clients who onboard by waiving our initial assessment fee of $65 because we know times are hard and people are not working as much.


**We recognize that all homes are different and may require additional measures or requests. We are committed to providing our clients with SAFE and trustworthy care, so if you need something you don’t see here, just ask!

Gauthier Family Home Care