Diabetes, Eye Health, and Senior Care near Ada, MI: Yes, there Is a Connection

“One Senior Man that Has Diabetes near Ada, MI”

Jacob had been diagnosed with Type II diabetes many years ago. He was advised by his doctor to change his diet, cut out sugars and other types of food that could potentially lead to type I diabetes. When he was younger, he did what he could but didn’t pay that much attention to what he ate. Now that he is 78 years old, he requires senior care and has just been diagnosed with Type I diabetes.Senior Care Ada MI

He requires insulin and has to check his blood sugar on a daily basis. In fact, he has to check his blood sugar every few hours throughout the day. This is not something he expected and now he is beginning to have certain problems with his vision.

Jacob hasn’t told anybody about the issues that have arisen with regard to his vision. He doesn’t want to find out there is something else wrong with him. The senior care service provider he hired through an agency is highly experienced in working with patients with diabetes. She understands proper diet and how to encourage elderly individuals to get the right level of exercise that can help with this disease.

She also has experience with some of her previous diabetic patients and vision related issues. She begins working with Jacob and notices some telltale signs that he might be struggling to see. She notices that he squints when looking at something across the room. When watching TV, he shifts his seat a little bit closer, and when she brings the subject up he denies that he has any trouble seeing.

This senior care provider finally sits down with Jacob and explains to him that diabetes can certainly impact eye health, but if he’s having trouble seeing, that doesn’t mean he has to accept it. She encourages him to make an appointment with his eye doctor so he can get on top of the situation.

He could have macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, or some other vision related problem that may have nothing to do with diabetes, but diabetes, especially type I diabetes, can certainly impact eye health.

If you are working with an elderly individual, providing senior care for them, and they have any form of diabetes, make sure they visit their eye doctor on a regular basis because this disease has the potential to impact vision as well. November is Diabetic Eye Disease Month and it’s a good time to pay attention to vision related issues.

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