Elder Care Ada MI: How to Line up Help for Your Aging Senior When You Don’t Live Nearby

Living more than an hour away from someone that you love makes it difficult to get to that person when they need you. In today’s society, so many people live far away from senior family members and when life changes for that aging adult, caregiving becomes complicated. But if you line up some additional help for her, your senior can be in good hands even when you’re still far away.

Long-distance Caregiving Is Tough

It’s important to remember that being a long-distance caregiver is not an easy task. You’re flying blind on a variety of different issues and you need to remember that going just on what your senior is reporting might not be enough. You have to get your information from a variety of sources to ensure that you’re as informed as you can possibly be.

Talk to Neighbors and Friends

Neighbors, friends, and other family members might be the best sources of information. They can help you to piece together what might really be happening with your elderly family member. It’s also important to develop relationships with her medical providers so that you can get the full picture.

Reach out to Agencies that Help the Elderly

Often caregivers are surprised to learn how many agencies there are that help the elderly and their caregivers in a variety of ways. If you’re not sure where to go for help, your senior’s doctor or the local health department in your senior’s area can give you a jumping off point. From there, you can reach out to various agencies and see what help they can offer in your senior’s specific situation.

Consider Hiring Elder Care Providers

Finally, consider hiring elder care providers to fill any care gaps for your elderly family member. If transportation is a problem, they can help. They can also help to make sure that your senior is eating well, that she’s got companionship, and that you’re as aware as possible of what’s going on in her life. This can help you to feel as if you have a better handle on her entire situation.

Finding the right mix of assistance for your senior gets easier as you get a better handle on what she needs and what sorts of help is available. Over time, you’ll find that it’s much easier to anticipate her needs and make sure that she’s got necessary help before the issue becomes too severe.

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Excerpt: When you and your senior don’t live near each other, you might find it difficult to get her help when she needs it. 

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