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Allergy season is usually something that people tend to think about in the spring and summer, but they’re something your loved one can deal with at any time of the year. Allergies can also showSenior-Care-in-Ada-MI up suddenly, even if your loved one hasn’t had to deal with them before. When you suspect that your loved one might be dealing with allergies, it helps to get some solid facts.

Check for Allergy Signs

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell the difference between a cold or allergies. If your loved one is dealing with winter allergies, he’s more likely to have itchy eyes along with sneezing, a stuffed nose, or a runny nose. Winter allergies can strike because your loved one is more likely to be cooped up in the house with more exposure to dust mites and other potential allergens.

Talk to Your Loved One’s Doctor

If you suspect your loved one is dealing with winter allergies, make sure that you mention it to your loved one’s doctor. He can run tests that can verify whether it’s a cold or allergies that your loved one is dealing with. Once you have an accurate diagnosis, you can move forward to finding the right treatment plan.

Think Twice About Over-the-counter Allergy Medications

Some over-the-counter allergy medications can interfere with existing health conditions or they can cause interactions with medications that your loved one is already taking. It’s always important to make sure that you clear any medications that your loved one starts to take with his doctor before he starts taking it. Your loved one’s doctor may be able to recommend a specific treatment for his allergies that can bring relief without causing him further problems.

Keep Up with Symptoms and Treatments

While you’re caring for your elderly loved one, add symptom tracking to your routine. You need to keep tabs on how well his allergy treatments are working for him. An easy way to do this is to keep a simple notebook with the date and any pertinent information about how your loved one’s allergies were that day. You can also get help from your loved one’s senior care providers in starting a tracking log.

Allergies don’t stop just because it’s winter, unfortunately, but you can help your loved one to get a handle on the symptoms.

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