Unfortunately, there are many elderly people who suffer from depression throughout the winter months. While the depression usually clears up or goes away during the spring months, that doesn’t make the winter months any easier to get through. Does your elderly loved one usually have difficulties with depression or other things throughout the winter months? If so, there are some tips that can allow you and senior care providers to help them.  

Spending More Time with Others

Senior Care Rockford, MI: Depressions During the Winter Months

Does your elderly loved one usually feel lonely during the winter months? If so, they might need you or their senior care providers to spend more quality time with them throughout the winter. If you can’t make it to your elderly loved one’s home due to bad weather, you can video call with them regularly. With that being said, it is best to have face-to-face contact with someone. If you can’t make it, you may want to see if a senior care provider can spend time with your elderly loved one. 

Keeping Busy 

Your elderly loved one may not want to be out in public a lot during the winter due to bad weather and bad roads. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t find things to do. You and their senior care providers can come up with ways to keep your elderly loved one busy throughout the winter. You can send them or bring them puzzles, crossword puzzles, or movies. You can call them often to give your loved one someone to talk to. Your elderly loved one’s senior care providers can exercise with them or do gardening indoors with them.  


If your elderly loved one does get quite depressed throughout the winter months, they may need therapy. Again, your elderly loved one might be concerned about going out on the roads. There are some counselors that will do phone appointments by a phone or video call. This might be  something that your elderly loved one could benefit from.  


Does your elderly loved one have difficulties throughout the winter months? If so, then they may need a bit of extra help and support during these months. The above-mentioned tips can give your elderly loved one the support, care, and help they need during the winter months. If your elderly loved one’s depression continues into the spring or if they can’t get their depression under control during the winter, they should talk to their doctor about treatment options.  


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