If your parents aren’t getting at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, they’re falling short of recommendations. Inspire them to get up and get active by going over some of the best types of exercise for the elderly.  

Talk to their doctors about what they can and cannot do when it comes to exercise. Once you have, get someone to join them and try these five exercises. 


Elderly Care Lowell, MI: Best Types of Exercise

Your parents may not want to hit the roads on a bicycle, and that’s okay. A stationary bicycle set up in  their home is just as good. Set it up near a TV and put on a stationary bike exercise video. There are free videos on platforms like YouTube that will have them riding a bike through the Grand Canyon, the French Alps, or along beaches in Hawaii. 


Bookmark some Pilates classes that are aimed for beginners. Pilates focuses on improving balance, breathing, flexibility, and strength. It’s recommended that older adults complete two Pilates classes or videos each week as part of their routine. Start with Chair Pilates and reduce the reliance on support as time passes. 


A pool is a great option for a parent with joint pain. The body is more buoyant in water, which reduces pressure on the joints. They can invest in a pool at their house, go to a local lake or ocean cove, or head to a community pool. 


Walking is another beneficial form of exercise. It gets your parents outside for vitamin D from the sun. Walk in the neighborhood, a local park, or head to a scenic area and walk along nature trails. Motivate them by getting them to walk their dog or a neighbor’s dog. 


Yoga is a good choice for two reasons. First, it focuses on breathing. People tend to breathe too shallowly, which doesn’t stretch the lungs. Yoga changes this. Second, it helps with balance and muscle strength. The different poses gently stretch muscles, which builds up strength and balance skills. 

Start your parents with a beginner’s Yoga class. There are plenty of free videos online. If they’d prefer working with an instructor, you could look into virtual classes or see if any classes are available at area senior centers. 

Keeping track of your parents’ daily exercise goals doesn’t have to be hard. Instead of trying to balance your job, your family, and your parents’ daily tasks, hire elderly care aides to help them. 

You have peace of mind that they’re cared for by elderly care aides when you’re busy. When you do have free time, you’re able to visit them and not have to split time between chatting and getting things done. 


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