Driving is a complicated subject when you’re talking to your aging family member. There are a lot of variables and there may be some areas in which one or both of you are willing to compromise on when she can drive and when she shouldn’t. Those areas of compromise are what you want to get to. 

Time of Day Makes a Big Difference

Elder Care Comstock Park, MI: Seniors and Driving

When your senior is planning to drive matters a lot. If she’s got trouble with her vision in lower light, then driving at dusk or dawn might be bad ideas. The same can be true for driving at night if your senior’s night vision isn’t what it used to be. One of the ways to compromise with this issue is that your elderly family member will consider time of day when she’s making plans and deciding whether she should be driving or not. 

Weather Might Be a Dealbreaker  

Time of day is important, but weather might be a factor, too. Heavy clouds can act almost like dusk or dawn, especially in terms of how well your senior can see. Rain is of course a bit tricky and frozen precipitation can be even more complicated. Talk to your senior about what you’re comfortable with her driving in and what she’s comfortable with so that you can find a balance between the two. 

Where Your Senior Goes and How She Navigates There 

If your elderly family member lives in a small town where there’s not a lot of traffic, you might not care much about what route she takes to get where she needs to go. But anything busier than a small town might require you and she to talk about which roads might be a bit more precarious. Time of day can also be a factor with this if you’re considering morning and afternoon rush hours, too. It may be that certain routes at certain times of day are especially nerve-wracking for your senior and might require a backup plan. 

Other Options Besides Driving  

Your senior may have more options than she or you believe. She may still be able to drive, especially once you’ve considered certain criteria. But when it makes better sense for her to not drive, your senior needs other options. Sometimes friends and family members may be able to take over but having elder care providers there with her can be an even better answer. They can help with so many other issues besides driving, which can bring you and she both great peace of mind. 

This may not be something that you and your senior iron out in one or two conversations. You both may have to really work through what’s okay and what isn’t. 


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